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With a variety of fits, styles and brands to choose from, your underwear drawer will never be bare! For a simple, classic look and feel, opt for boxer shorts in a plaid print. Crafted from a breathable cotton fabric, an elastic waistband ensures the perfect fit every time.

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The first Boxer club was founded in , with Boxers being first exhibited in a dog show for St. Bernards in Munich the next year. Based on American Kennel Club statistics, Boxers held steady as the seventh-most popular breed of dog in the United States for the fourth consecutive year.
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With a variety of fits, styles and brands to choose from, your underwear drawer will never be bare! For a simple, classic look and feel, opt for boxer shorts in a plaid print. Crafted from a breathable cotton fabric, an elastic waistband ensures the perfect fit every time.

You can also get your new favorite base layer for active pursuits with GapFit no sweat boxer briefs, which feature a moisture wicking material to keep you cool and dry when the competition heats up.

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The Gap Disney Collection. Her Shop by Size 0 to 24m. His Shop by Size 0 to 24m. Bundle Up For Her. Bundle Up For Him. Her Shop by Size 12m to 5y. She was a substantially built, low to the ground, brindle and white parti-color, lacking in underjaw and exceedingly lippy.

As a producing female few in any breed can match her record. She consistently whelped puppies of marvelous type and rare quality. Those of her offspring sired by Flock St. Salvator and Wotan dominate all present-day pedigrees. Combined with Wotan and Mirzl children, they made the Boxer. The name "Boxer" is supposedly derived from the breed's tendency to play by standing on its hind legs and " boxing " with its front paws.

Brace's Pet owner's guide to the Boxer , this theory is the least plausible explanation. At that time the spelling "baxer" equalled "boxer". Both the verb boxen [English "to box, to punch, to jab"] and the noun Boxer were common German words as early as the late 18th century.

The term Boxl , also written Buxn or Buchsen in the Bavarian dialect, means "short leather trousers" or "underwear". The very similar-sounding term Boxerl , also from the Bavarian dialect, is an endearing term for Boxer. In the same vein runs a theory based on the fact that there were a group of dogs known as Bierboxer in Munich by the time of the breed's development.

These dogs were the result from mixes of Bullenbeisser and other similar breeds. Bier beer probably refers to the Biergarten , the typical Munich beergarden, an open-air restaurant where people used to take their dogs along. The nickname "Deutscher Boxer" was derived from bierboxer and Boxer could also be a corruption of the former or a contraction of the latter.

It has been claimed that the name "Boxer" was jokingly applied by an English traveler who noted a tendency of the dog to use its paws in fighting. Any such action would likely result in a badly bitten if not broken leg. On the other hand, a German breeder of forty years' experience states positively that the Boxer does not use his feet, except to try and extinguish a small flame such as a burning match.

But a Boxer does box with his head. He will hit not bite a cat with his muzzle hard enough to knock it out and he will box a ball with his nose. Or perhaps, since the German dictionary translates 'boxer' as 'prize-fighter' the name was bestowed in appreciation of the fighting qualities of the breed rather than its technique. Boxer is also the name of a dog owned by John Peerybingle , the main character in the best-selling book The Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens , which is evidence that "Boxer" was commonly used as a dog name by the early 19th century, before the establishment of the breed by the end of that same century.

The name of the breed could also be simply due to the names of the very first known specimens of the breed Lechner's Box , for instance. Leading health issues to which Boxers are prone include cancers , heart conditions such as aortic stenosis and arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy the so-called " Boxer cardiomyopathy " , [32] hypothyroidism , hip dysplasia , and degenerative myelopathy and epilepsy; other conditions that may be seen are gastric dilatation volvulus also known as bloat , intestinal problems, and allergies although these may be more related to diet than breed.

Mortality due to infection increases significantly with increases in inbreeding. According to a UK Kennel Club health survey, cancer accounts for The breed is particularly predisposed to mast cell tumours, a cancer of the immune system. Boxers are known to be very sensitive to the hypotensive and bradycardiac effects of a commonly used veterinary sedative, acepromazine. As an athletic breed, proper exercise and conditioning is important for the continued health and longevity of the Boxer.

Because of their brachycephalic head, they do not do well with high heat or humidity, and common sense should prevail when exercising a Boxer in these conditions. Boxer are very energetic even at old ages. They need plenty of exercise which means their diet should be high in quality calories. The main source of these calories should be lean animal protein, which include lean chicken, turkey, lamb and fish. Some healthy snacks include raw fruits and vegetables.

Boxers are also prone to dental problems, increasing their susceptibility for bad breath; dry dog food that is large and difficult for them to chew improves the likelihood for plaque removal. Boxers are friendly, lively companions that are popular as family dogs. As puppies, Boxers demonstrate a fascinating combination of mood-mirroring expressions, energetic curiosity, flexible attention spans and charming characteristics.

They sometimes appear at dog agility or dog obedience trials and flyball events. These strong and intelligent animals have also been used as service dogs, guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs, police dogs in K9 units, and occasionally herding cattle or sheep. The versatility of Boxers was recognized early on by the military, which has used them as valuable messenger dogs, pack carriers, and attack and guard dogs in times of war.

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