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Whether you are interested in clothing design, fashion merchandising, fashion marketing, or fashion in general, we have what you need. Check out campuses in .

Fashion program accreditation , for example, is a universal indicator of quality, according to Penny Collins, chair of the Department of Fashion Design at Woodbury University.

The college created its fashion design program in , making it one of the longest-running fashion programs in the U.S. MassArt's B.F.A. program in fashion design requires credit hours to complete and includes 42 credit hours of study in fashion design, 18 credits in studio design principles, and credits in art history.
That's why, in , we began ranking the best fashion schools across the globe. We wanted to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot, and to help you figure out which school is right for you by.
The 25 Best Fashion Schools in the World in Want to work in fashion? One of these schools could be your first step.
That's why, in , we began ranking the best fashion schools across the globe. We wanted to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot, and to help you figure out which school is right for you by.
The Best Colleges for Design majors ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. The ranking compares the top design schools in the U.S. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising - Los Angeles

Best Colleges for Fashion Design Degree Programs 2018-19

That's why, in , we began ranking the best fashion schools across the globe. We wanted to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot, and to help you figure out which school is right for you by.

The resources are fantastic, the technology, the wood shop, metal shop, foundry, ceramic studio, glass shop, just so many great things!

It is a very challenging institution, particularly during the freshman year. It is a small school, so it is easy to form a bond with a lot of the students, especially since the students tend to be quite like-minded. The school can kind of stink depending on what major the student chooses. It is a great design school, fantastic for product designers, but the majors that are not so design based kind of get the short end of the stick.

I have lived in the student housing for 4 years. They are improving it and renovating it, but unfortunately I have had to live in the construction. The campus is safe, the professors are great usually , and it is a very inspiring place to be. UCLA is definitely a place for all-rounded students to thrive and succeed. The campus offers beautiful scenery and classic lecture halls that enthralled me every time I walk to and between lectures.

The school is safe and welcoming, and there are plenty of activities to be part of on-campus. In terms of classes, students do have to give it all since the professors do have high standards here. However, this is college, and learning and studying won't hurt you.

Professors generally are really engaged in lectures, and if most likely students are going to succeed if they give their best. Dorms and the food are excellent and well maintained compared to others colleges I visited. I won't be surprise if more people decided to come here! Beautiful mountains and an extremely gorgeous ocean view makes LCAD one of the most natural and refreshing college.

Consisting of a very vigorous academic system only improves the students ability. The school provides so many utilities just for the students such as cintiqs, drawing tablets, computer rooms, a huge library full of comfortable chairs, multiple rooms for the students use, and transit for to transfer between campuses.

This school provides only the best, experienced teachers who love teaching their students. Providing many free events for their students to help aid them along their education and career.

Even taking it as far as to plan job events at the campus that has Disney, Blizzard, and other companies to attend and hire students. There's a lot of value to be gained in any design discipline from the knowledgeable professors that teach at Art Center.

You will not sleep to manage the work load with how the school arranges each term curriculum. With that said, you will become stronger from any of the demanding programs offered. You definitely should get your fundamental skills in all design software expected of your major before enrolling to be able to manage effectively.

This is a design school filled with international students and can feel foreign at times. Supply costs required for classes are far greater than any academic school with associated book costs. One must not overlook the cost to attend this school, as it can break a student with financial hardship. Most of everything is at a premium for price, food, supplies, tuition, etc. As someone who is looking for a rigorous school , Otis College of Art and Design was a great pick. As a college freshman at Otis, the Foundation year has roved extremely helpful in refining my skills and easing me into the workload and high expectations.

The schools' small and compact campus gives this very unified and focused environment that differs strongly from other schools with larger campuses and enormous enrollment rates. Furthermore, Otis has extraordinarily talented professors with years of professional experience within their area of skill.

Of all the things I love about the Fashion Institute of Technology, is the harmony of living and learning in an environment that is safe and welcoming. It is an absolute treasure being able to learn from and socialize with people from all walks of life, different colors, ethnicities, different sexual orientations, etc.

Everyone is so welcoming and open-minded, willing to explore far beyond the bounds they've known for so long. In addition to exploring, there is also willingness to begin anew and let go. This school is like a breath of fresh air, and I'm honored to have the opportunity to learn more and do more! It is largely liberal and prides itself on intellectual freedom and progressive thinking.

There are five districts of The New School. I attend the Parsons School of Design, the district focused on art and design.

The environment of Parsons is very diverse and unique. There are students from all over the world. The professors I've had through-out my study here are great educators and amazing at their creative fields. Students are also allowed to take courses across all the districts based on their interests. The only suggestion I have for this university is to be more tolerant of and open to people who don't agree with its views on things such as socialism. Some of the groups here refuse to listen to anyone with opposing opinion and try to intimidate others to join their side.

It's a bit hostile and discourages other groups of students from having their own voice. Rochester Institute of Technology was my dream college. I live in Buffalo, so I'm not too far from home. RIT has an incredibly welcoming environment. All of the faculty including RAs and the health center faculty I have met has been extremely helpful. Most are really great about responding to students ASAP.

I love the diversity here as well. Diversity was unheard of back home I lived in rural Wheatfield, NY. My college experience has been wonderful so far. I have no complaints besides the price of the tuition. I highly recommend this university! I could not have picked a better college to attend! It has the major that I was interested in, Mechanical Engineering, as well as a great investment for my future.

The professors have been excellent and have been more than willing to answer my questions. The food is great, and GT provides several dining options throughout campus which is big plus when I have classes at various places on campus.

The dorms for freshman are traditional dorms which are not fancy but adequate. I have found a place that I love. I have made great friends that I suspect that I will have for the rest of my life. I absolutely love Boston University! I am actually an online student who lives in Seattle, Washington but recently had the chance to visit this Boston University in person this past February!

The architecture is beautiful and the location is as well. I would have been attending the School of Social Work which is a separate campus and is right next to a beautiful body of water. Since I do not attend BU in person, I would love to say that my online professors have been more than helpful; they have personally inspired me as well as motivated me.

My professors go above and beyond for me, this is why I will always choose Boston University and recommend this school to everyone! The people are very friendly, the professors are extremely helpful and teach you without being pushy, and you're encouraged to pursue creative freedom.

Almost all of the projects explore things that I haven't yet learned about, and that's exciting because then I can really get into it. Hanging out on campus can get a little dull, but the surrounding area is certainly full of fun things to do. I've only been attending this school for less than a year, and I'm already learning so much about my major, and really delving into the design world, and I feel like you wouldn't get the same experience as here at any other college.

I am also currently involved with the Animation Student Collective, which always has fun, major-related activities for us to do, and it's great! One thing that I love about North Carolina State University is the amount of diversity and school pride here on campus.

The people here at State are so welcoming and friendly towards one another that it is easy to find someone to study with, party with, or just become friends with overall.

I think NCSU has one of the best engineering and communication programs here on campus and they also have a lot of resources at our libraries and everywhere else on campus. Their database is incredible and the library has so much information for you to refer to when doing research or completing an essay.

This University has a strong reputation of academic success as well competitive students, which is makes our school very exciting. Each student is engaged and passionate about something and NC State encourages that each student pursue those goals. I highly recommend NC State as a college to consider in your future! I love being able to get the opportunity to live in the city while going to school!

The environment being the city and on-campus areas is beautiful, which makes it very inspiring for an artist. Associate of Art programs require 66 credits to graduate, while the B. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program also requires 36 units in the program core and 30 in the student's chosen major. AAU also has both M. The university features an open admissions policy and had the highest graduation rate of any institution in these rankings at 54 percent. Located in Philadelphia, this independent college for art and design places fifth in our rankings due to its high graduation and admissions rates.

Students also might expect a great deal of discussion and interaction with professors due to the college's low 7: Moore also had the second-highest number of fashion degrees conferred to students among our 10 best colleges for fashion design programs. Students must complete credits, including Students regularly visit studios and showrooms in Philadelphia and New York City to gain insight from experts in the fashion industry.

Our sixth school, a private art and design school college located in the upscale Westchester neighborhood of west Los Angeles, was the first art college in the city. About 1, students enroll at Otis each year. The college has a great 90 percent admissions rate, and also had the third-highest graduation rate in our top Otis College of Art and Design offers an undergraduate program in fashion design, as well as a concentration in costume design.

Coursework has been designed around sustainable design principles, and students also have the option of pursuing a minor in sustainability.

Students can transfer up to 63 undergraduate units into the college's fashion design program. This private school is located on Beverley Hills' famed Wilshire Boulevard. The school prides itself on its tradition of modeling curriculum after European fashion schools that teach separate pattern design and fashion design programs. Beverly Hills Design Institute offers associate and bachelor's degrees in fashion design, as well as the same two pathways in pattern design.

Curriculum in the fashion design program consists of quarter credit hours of study, including 54 quarter credits in general education classes. The program is for students interested in careers as designers, stylists or executive positions in the fashion industry. The program has the same quarter-credit requirement for graduation. This private for-profit college was founded in Los Angeles in and has additional campuses in Irvine, San Diego and San Francisco, all in California.

The schools offers a wide range of associate degrees in the fashion industry. Programs include Associate of Arts degrees in fashion design, fashion knitwear design and apparel industry management.

FIDM's associate degrees in fashion and fashion knitwear require 90 total units to complete. There's also a credit professional designation for students who already hold a college degree but want to shift careers to fashion design. This large state university in Montclair, N.

The university was founded in and had an annual enrollment of about 21, students. Montclair State University offers bachelor's degree programs in fashion studies and retail merchandising and management, as well as minor options in fashion design and fashion merchandising.

Curriculum for the fashion studies major focuses on the design, production and sales of fashion apparel, merchandise, products and services.

The program requires 81 credits in the program core, as well as 18 credits in fashion electives. Students often combine the major with a minor in entrepreneurship, business or communications. Students enrolled in fashion programs at MSU have access to a state-of-the-art design studio with sewing machines and a historic costume collection from which to draw inspiration. The final institution in our top 10 best colleges for fashion design degree programs is a small private nonprofit college in Franklin, Tenn.

A degrees in fashion design or fashion merchandising. Both pathways require credits to satisfy graduation requirements. Curriculum includes study in fashion design and merchandising, as well as business and current technologies used in the industry.

The college lands in our top 10 based on a combination of factors. It has a low 8: There are many different paths people take as they begin their careers in the fashion industry. It's common for many prospective fashion workers to complete a bachelor's degree in a fashion-related field to gain a well-rounded educational foundation in principles of design, merchandising, textiles, production and computer-aided design.

Students also have an opportunity to build a portfolio of their work and designs, a key tool in showcasing their talents to prospective employers. Here's additional insight into many common career paths for graduates of on-campus or online degrees for fashion design:. Additional skills that can serve students well are a wealth of creativity and artistic ability to create new and unique designs. Take a look at the schools below to find the fashion design degree path best suited for you.

With a heavy focus on international production of clothing and apparel, employment growth for fashion designers in the U. However, employment is expected to increase by 22 percent for fashion designers working for mass market retailers. Job prospects are best for designers with a formal education and strong portfolio of work, the BLS notes.

Job opportunities historically are best in the fashion centers of New York and Los Angeles. Federal financial aid programs can help students fund tuition for fashion degree programs. However, there are many different scholarships students can pursue that can offset tuition fees. The scholarships are offered at 60 partner schools, including several of the colleges in our top Other scholarship opportunities are typically available from major retailers as well. To be included in these rankings, all schools must meet the following initial criteria for the specific subject being ranked.

Based on those criteria, we ranked all 2-year and 4-year schools in IPEDS that reported data for all of the following points. Ratings are calculated on a point scale, using the weights specified. Only one campus per institution is included in this list. If a school has multiple campuses, only the campus with the highest ranking is shown. Department of Education, https: Bureau of Labor Statistics, https: Click here for free info about Fashion Institute of Technology.

Click here for free info about The Art Institute of Indianapolis.

Fashion Degrees Programs and Common Career Paths

The BoF Global Fashion School Rankings are the only objective assessment of fashion schools around the world, acting as the go-to resource for the entire industry. The Rankings are part of BoF Education, the online platform for those looking to pursue higher education in fashion and advance their careers. So naturally, that interest cultivates potential fashion design, fashion merchandising, and fashion marketing students. But how do students differentiate one fashion school from another? Many students will turn to program rankings to help make the best school decision. The school offers an undergraduate program in fashion design and a master’s program in ‘Design for the Fashion System’. It also has some of the lowest tuition fees among the top fashion schools in this list, ranging from € to €3, per year (~US$1, to $4,), .