3 Rules On Wearing Dress Shoes With Jeans | Pairing Denim & Men’s Dress Shoes Seamlessly

Brown shoes with jeans, especially black ones, need to be well balanced. For example, if you are wearing brown or tan Chelsea boots, make sure that you wear a jacket of the same or similar colour. On the other hand, you have black shoes with jeans.

I would call them ankle-high Chelsea boots. Does dark tapered jeans look good with black hi top canvas shoes? Vey nice information dear author. Hey Vegard, Will a pair of white sneakers go with dark blue denim , navy blue chinos , beige color chinos or black denims… And which color sneaker should i go for, to pair with dark or light shaded denims? If the occasion is dressy or business-like, derbies and Chelsea boots are better alternatives.

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Oxford shoes are great dress shoes but they are on the more formal end of the spectrum and will therefore not work with jeans. A better style to go with is the Blucher, Loafer or the Derby dress shoe .
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The Best Toe Shapes

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Horsebit loafers are the dressiest. Penny loafers are the most low-key and tassel loafers are the most casual of the three. The best thing about a day or week off, is not to have your boss breathing down your neck.

According to this post at Brain Fodder: Enclothed cognition is what we call the effect our clothes have on our mood. We at Apparel Illustrated use enclothed cognition all the time. One of our favorite ways to get into a casual mood in the summer, is to slip on a pair of casual shoes with jeans. And the best casual shoes for men to wear with jeans are boat shoes. As the name implies, boat shoes were initially worn in marine environments.

A non-slip sole and leather upper make them perfect for wet conditions. Today, boat shoes are classic casual wear, no longer reserved for the docks. This shoe style also looks good with pinrolled jeans if the occasion requires something extra laid-back. How many times a day do you run short errands, fetch the mail, go to grab some take-out, or take out the trash?

Shoes that are also affordable, casual, and comfortable to wear with jeans? You see, canvas loafers are casual. They also offer the convenience of slip-on styling, unlike sneakers. But canvas loafers are. You want to find footwear you can wear for years without fearing sneers. The Desert boot is a perfect example of this winning combination.

The shoe company C. And to this day, the winning design of the Desert boot remains true to the original. Desert boots are similar to Chukka boots, which we just looked at. Yet, unlike Chukkas, Desert boots always have suede uppers and a rubber sole. The latter are also unlined and often lighter in weight. This makes the simple, yet classic Desert boot, the safest pair of casual boots to wear with jeans.

Jim Kass is vice president of operations at Allen Edmonds shoe company. Kass says in this article from Business Insider: The only problem with only wearing dress shoes for just one day is this: It also shows that you take care of your wardrobe. Monkstraps are as dressy as classic dress shoes, mentioned earlier. Also, the unique design of monkstraps makes your style look more interesting. These are dressier shoes to wear with jeans than the more laid-back, single-buckle type.

Sandals with jeans are a great combo for casual occasions and days off. Many hate on sandals. This hate is often spurred by wearing them inappropriately.

Sandals are a summer leisure footwear. Therefore, never wear them with dressy clothes, jackets or coats. To avoid hate when wearing sandals, wear them in the right context and with the right outfit. Did you know that Italian racing drivers where among the first to use driving moccasins?

They used them to get extra grip and dexterity while accelerating, breaking and clutching. Making it easier to go fast through needle pin turns on the Italian Riviera. Today, driving mocs have become a favorite amongst fashionistas, jet-setters, and influencers. Driving mocs have a flexible sole that extends up onto the heel.

An area that is in constant contact with the floor mat of the car. Which one you wear is up to you. All we know is that driving mocs and jeans is a true and tried casual jeans outfit. As the cliche goes, you only get one chance to make a killer first impression.

Finding business-appropriate shoes to wear with jeans has never been easier. If we at Apparel Illustrated could wear only one type of shoe other than dress shoes, it would be a brogue shoe.

Brogue shoes are not just for chinos and suits. Believe it or not —they are in fact perfect shoes to wear with jeans. Brogues perforated embellishments are what distinguishes them. The degree of decoration ranges from a few details on the toecap, to full decoration from toe to heel. Did you find your favorite shoe type? If you did, make sure to mention it in the comments field below. Also, please make sure to leave any questions or feedback you have below.

Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Hi, I am headed for a 3 day conference and planning to wear jeans, dress shirt and black travel suit. I am not sure what kind and color of shoes will go with this.

Can you please help me with this? It is almost impossible to suggest shoe colors without knowing more about your color palette and personal style.

You can learn more about how to match colors in my style course, Style Genesis. My question is that i have a nic pair of sports shoes with nike but can i wear in such a way that i look good. All my jeans are skinny at the bottom. And if I wear them should i do a pinroll or not. And my shoes are red and black in colour.

Hi,can black leather loafers be worn with dark blue jeans and a pastel colored polo shirt? Pastels usually looks best with grey, beige, and other muted colours, not black.

I will be wearing dark black alligator boots with a good tip on the front and dark black jeans with dark black dress shirt. Recently I bought blue sneakers. Can you please tell me which colour of jeans that will match my sneakers…?

Great suggestions and reasoning helped me tremendously. I ended up with open lace dress boots with plain cap and the look with jeans is great. It sounds like your outfit is more on the dressy side. For an outfit like that, I would have tried wearing it with dress shoes, Chelsea boots, or loafers.

For colours, it think: I have a sporty sneaker which is totally black and cannot find anything that can mix with it, particularly no jeans, So any suggestions. I have bought tan colour brogues which colour jeans should I prefer to wear. In which way that is above ankle or not. With tan colour brogues, I would have worn warm coloured jeans, like dark blue or light blue jeans. I think that other shoe type will not be that much embracing my image. When I first started wearing other shoes than sneakers, I started with canvas loafers and desert boots.

Then worked my image up to include brogues and dress shoes. When wearing loafers, the right length of jeans should leave a small gap between the top of your loafers and hem of your jeans. Socks should not be visible when wearing loafers.

With Nike running shoes and jeans, I would have opted for light jeans as they are more casual than darker models. I am having a hard time getting the advice and it looks like good advice through the myriad of horrible spelling, grammar, etc.

What advise do you have for a 72 year old man, that prefers not to dress like a senior man, and is partial to a younger mans clothes. Hi i will be wearing charcoal wool blazer with white oxford shirt. Please tell me what colour jeans and whqt shoes goes with it. I like slim fit jeans would that be ok? As i am a student!

I am out of budget! I can only afford a pair of shoe! So whats the pair of shoe that goes with formal wear or casual wear. Hi, what jean colour do you think would work with a black jacket and black trainers?

My initial instinct is go all black but I dunno, any other suggestions? Oxfords with jeans are getting more and more popular in casual street wear. And why not, great oxfords are good for your feet and that combo is not so far from brogues or derbys.

Also sometimes chinos and jeans can look the same. I have them in color light blue. Is it ok to wear blue denim high top sneakers with jeans for everyday purpose? Wearing denim on denim can be tricky. One way to pull it off is by making sure one denim item is lighter or darker than the other. He will be traveling on a conference trip. We will be touring the city as well as a part of the trip.

He really needs comfortable shoe that looks kind of dressy and also casual. I would really appreciate your input. The jeans colors are black,blue and kakki.

Do you consider dark blue jeans to compliment burnished walnut calf penny loafers? Thanks for the kind words. Dark blue looks great with dark golden browns.

Pls suggest good shoes.. I use to wear formal shoes ankle length or Woodland shoes. Thank you for this list. What is the brand and model name of the chukka boots pictured? Very informative article up there. Your views on these wingtips will be appreciated. I would like wearing em with dark indigo jeans. What sandals can I wear with slim fit Mavi jeans? I have a pair of: Brown Zign sandals from Zalando.

I had a look at all three pairs of sandals and they look like gladiator sandals, which means they can be worn with jeans on casual occasions. It is very helpful article. Thanks for sharing this article!! I have a question any one suggest me? Chelsea boots are great for wet or cold days. I am planning on wearing a white untucked oxford type shirt with straight leg Dark jeans. Not sure what type shoes is best for this look. I am 51 years old. Brogues, desert boots, chukkas, and Chelsea boots are all good candidates, as they will look more in proportion to your pants than derbies and slip-ons would.

Normally I wear regular or straight fit jeans. Recently I ordered a pair of puma hip hop sneakers. So my question is if I can wear these regular jeans with my sneakers. Does this combination match? You can learn more about colour matching in my e-book: How to Match Clothes. Thank you so much for sharing this tips! I wanted to make sure that it will go with his jeans. Anyways, amazing post and well-informative! Can I wear a dark brown leather aviator jacket and dark blue solid coloured jeans with black leather Porsche design sneakers?

Since your aviator jacket is dark brown and your jeans are dark blue, this is the colour I can recommend for your polo shirt: But what about straight fit jeans? Straight leg jeans, as you suggest in your comment, is what I would have recommended for chukkas. If it is summer or winter, I would have worn Derby shoes as they look dressy and nice. If it is winter, I would have worn Chelsea boots.

They are warmer and more water resistant than sneakers. If I wear t-shirt and jeans, should the sneakers colour then be matched with the jeans colour or t-shirt colour? Another thing you could do, which I think looks super good, is to wear sneakers in a complementary opposite color to your t-shirt.

You can learn more about matching sneakers and clothes in my style course, Style Genesis. I advice all men over 40 to keep away from hoodies and t-shirts.

I really like these Jeffrey West boots. Do you think these would they be OK with jeans, or are they too smart and would look odd? Very helpful article, but I do have a question. I know your article states closed lacing shoes should not be worn with jeans, but I just love these shoes. If it is, I would buy those Allen-Edmonds if I were you, and wear them with chinos instead of jeans.

Chinos create a much more put-together look with closed-lacing shoes than jeans ever could. Not sure what am going to shop for now , as I actually have lot of info to ponder over. However, this is all about personal preference. I understand that you like them.

If they would make you feel great and comfortable, they might be right for you. I would not have worn them with jeans. This, combined with the fact that these shoes only have 2 pairs of lacing eyelets not pairs, which I consider a minimum for classic sneakers makes them too sporty to be worn with jeans for me. Tacky fashionistas thinks that looks good. With the rest, I agree. Very helpful i have on pair of black loafers ,one pair of tan leather sneakers , one pair of blue gas denim sneakers, one pair of black quarter brogue oxford dress shoes i guess.

But am always confused how to pair all of then particularly my dress shoes what colours of suits and formals can go with dress shoes i mentioned. The course is called Style Genesis and you can check it out here. I have a couple of questions: What type of dress shoes would go with an untucked t-shirt? And what about henley shirts? T-shirts and henley shirts look great untucked, but I would have worn them with a pair of sneakers rather than dress shoes. Since the t-shirt is very casual, and the dress shoes are dressy, this combo can make your outfit look odd.

This to avoid an odd-looking outfit. Therefore, with dress shoes preferably derbies or quarter brogues I would have worn a tucked polo or dress shirt, instead of a t-shirt or henley shirt. This is completely unrelated to this article sorry but i was wondering, what is your opinion on jewelry for men, specifically non-wedding rings?

Also I have a school formal coming up and would like to buy a blue suit with brown shoes. Non-wedding ring jewelry can be hard for men to pull off. To be on the safe side, I never wear anything other than a club, school, or organizational rings. I also make sure to hide my any simple gold or silver necklace I wear underneath my shirt or sweater.

Check out Style Genesis to learn more about accessories. Having a tailor adjusting an off-the-rack suit is also a great way of getting a well-fitting suit at a bargain. If you want to learn all the fundamentals of buying and fitting a suit, in addition to getting access to a colour palette that shows you which navy colors you look great in, check out Style Genesis.

Please suggest a number of brands that I can look at. It might come as a surprise to you that I rarely shop by brands, only by quality, fit, price, and colour. However, if my budget allowed for it, I would start looking at these brands: If you need more help, check out my style course, Style Genesis.

Martin shoes good for black or blue skinny pants? If no, which type of shoe is good for those pants? Martens shoes have a quite massive sole. As a result, I think they look too bulky and out of proportion when worn with skinny pants. I would have chosen a pair of derbies with blake stitching , as this makes the shoes and soles less bulky and more in proportion with skinny and tapered pants.

Considering that Derbies looks almost the same but are less dressy and formal, they are a much better choice for jeans. I found those shoes at Zalando.

I am a teenager ,wanted to knew that would grey sneakers be fine for my outings and weekends with a polo and jeans. Grey sneakers are fine. The darker they are the more versatile they become as dark sneakers can be used at night time too. When it comes to your top, it can be a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a dress shirt.

If you wear your top untucked you will look shorter. Is this to say that a tall man can leave his polo untucked when pairing it with jeans and a sport coat. When wearing a garment 2 e. The good news is that since you are wearing the sports jacket, it basically makes you look less tall, the same way as an untucked polo shirt would. Since dark blue jeans are in a neutral colour, they can be worn with almost any shoe colour.

This means that the real question is:. You can learn more about colour matching in my style course. What do you think of dark blue jeans with yellow Onitsuka Tiger M66? Usually I wear my dark brown blundstone with dark blue jeans, but would like a lighter shoe.

They are everything a classic sneaker should be and would look great with dark blue jeans and a top or jacket from the autumn or spring seasonal palette. You can learn more about the seasonal palettes in Style Genesis.

Could they work with dark denim or is it still a no-go? Black Chelsea boots sound great. I found this guide really helpful and those sliders showing 2 different images are really helpful on the visualisation part! I have this pair of DC sneakers; metallic grey all round and maroon at the back of the heel area. I was contemplating on getting a faded sky blue sort of jeans, any thoughts?

At the moment, my grey Vans are my lifeline yes I made a wrong move in getting the DC. Basically, all pants colours from the Summer colour palette would match your shoes. To learn more about which colours you can choose between, check out my style course. Normally I would say get the black Derbies, however in this instance, I think that they Chukkas would probably be a better choice. The reason for saying so is because of the half zip polo, which is considered fairly casual like the Chukkas.

It would therefore look better together with your Chukkas than if you wore it with a pair of black Derbies. Who makes the casual boots in the picture above? Red Wing makes them. I just purchased a nice pair of dark blue Lucky Brand Slim fit jeans. Any recommendations for style? I know how exactly how you feel. The trick with denim that is tapered, is to wear them with shoes that are small and light. Otherwise, they can look out of proportion with the tapering on your jeans.

It is the same with your upper body. Try wearing something light and not too bulky. A simple t-shirt or dress shirt works really good, and you can always top it off with a blazer or leather jacket. Good shoes to wear with jeans that are tapered more than usual are moccasins, loafers, sneakers, and boat shoes.

Hi Vegard, Nice article you have here,very informative. Can you please let me know what brand, color, and model are the pair of shoes in this link:. Will a pair of white sneakers go with dark blue denim, navy blue chinos, beige color chinos, or black denims ….

White sneakers will go with dark blue, navy blue, and black pants. However, white is not ideal for beige ivory and oyster white are better options for beige pants. Regarding your sneaker colour, it depends on your seasonal colour palette and the rest of your outfit. Winters look good with black sneakers Summers look good with grey sneakers Springs look good with light brown sneakers Autumns look good with brown sneakers.

To learn more about which colour you look best in, check out my style course here. Hi, I have Blue, Indigo and Black solid jeans. Could you suggest what color of sneakers would match best with each of the color irrespective of the color of the top? Since blue, indigo, and black are all fairly neutral colours I would simply have chosen a pair of black sneakers to go with all of them.

Hi, I really liked your article. I have a casual dress code at work, and I sometimes wear black jeans to work. I recently bought Nike red sneakers , pretty standard but not too bright.

I like the comfortability of the shoe, but I just feel awkward wearing a red shoe even with black, as I always have worn black dress and darker casual shoes. Since you have a casual dress code at work, you are free to wear pretty much whatever you want, which raises the question:. Since you are pondering over whether or not your red sneakers is right, may it be that you would have felt more confident if you had opted for a darker sneaker colour?

I have Red Tape tan leather shoes. Can I wear it with blue PE tapered jeans? However, since your blazer is light blue, another pants colour that would look great with that outfit would be dark greys. Red shirt and black tennis shoes are no problem. With a pair of black, dark blue, or charcoal grey pants this will look really good. Here, I got to know about classic sneakers and canvas loafers, shoes I wear every day.

I am still confused in slim jeans and skinny jeans. I like your article and I am going to subscribe as well. You are by far not the first. When I started reading up on footwear back in the early s, I was so confused, because stores I visited and books I read, all had own names for the different types of shoes and boots.

I am so glad I found this website!!! My husband is having some kind of identity crisis and decided to go o line and buy two pairs of super fancy shoes… one was a pair of Brogues, and the other pair was grey-ish lace up dress shoes. They are so long and remind me of clown shoes! He walked out of the bedroom with a baseball cap, baggy jeans, a casual sweater with t-shirt underneath and the fanciest shoes I have ever seen! He was on his way to volunteer at the school, and I simply could NOT let him think he looked good.

I then sent him lots of photos of how his outfit should have looked. Needless to say, I will now be investing in a full-length mirror!!! I like him just the way he is, knows how to dress up when the occasion calls for it, but still my Mountain boy at heart!! He can wear his hiking boots every day, and be better off than he was yesterday!!

If the answers is a yes, which colour of shoes would go with the above denims? Yellow, blue or black? Yes, you can definitely wear a pair of Pharrell Adidas X Human Race sneakers with your denim on casual occasions. For dark blue and dirty wash blue coloured denim I would have chosen yellow or black. The blue sneakers would probably look better on lighter types of denim, not the dark blue ones that you have.

The only thing to keep in mind is that light dress shoe colours are best reserved for daytime wear. Dark dress shoe colours, on the other hand, can be worn both at day and night. I usually wear plain black tapered jeans. Do you think it is a good combination?

Also, what outfit do you reckon would suit a pair of light grey low cut VANS sneakers? On another note, I would like to thank you for this extremely informative, clear and useful article. It is a wonderful guide for people including myself: Dark grey sneakers is a good combination with black tapered jeans, as long as the occasion is right for it.

My go-to classic sneakers outfit that I wear all the time consists of: With grey sneakers, I would have worn a light grey pair of jeans, an off-white, pink, or red top, and a dark grey leather jacket. I have a pair of black shoes not Oxfords and a pair of dark blue jeans. What color of shirt or T-shirt should I wear with these two?

Black dress shoes and jeans are one of the most versatile and good looking jeans combos out there. I say wear a t-shirt in your seasons white because white is super easy to layer, which means you can wear whatever jacket you want over it. How about closed lacing brogues? I have seen quite a few of them in the stores. Are they considered too dressy for jeans? You are absolutely right.

Checkered shirt and dark blue straight denim with dark brown boots, looks good with sued watch and retro wayfarer. Your outfit sounds good looking. I would definitively go for the grey Brogues, especially since your blazer is mid-grey. As for pants and shirt colours, I would have picked the light blue dress shirt and paired it with your mid blue jeans.

Pair them with any of your jeans and the black dress shoes for a great look. This is perfect for occasions where you want to seem less serious, such as when barhopping with friends or watching a movie at the cinema. You might consider two very appealing combos: Both boot types are masculine, both are interesting, though neither work particularly well with a tie.

Open neck button down shirt works best. Instead of tan, I would try finding shoes that are grey or taupe grey-beige.

Will a pair of white sneakers go with dark blue denim , navy blue chinos , beige color chinos or black denims… And which color sneaker should i go for, to pair with dark or light shaded denims? For beige pants, I would wear brown, navy, or cordovan brown-red sneakers. Which type of sneakers you should wear with light and dark shaded denim, depends on which season you are. Can sandals like these be worn with jeans?

My 2 reasons for never wearing sandals with jeans are: For a classic combo like that you can wear almost any type of the footwear mentioned in this article. However, since it sounds like a daytime outfit because of the light pants I would have opted for a slip-on shoe in black like your blazer. Would it be nice if i match a pair of blue jeans with a pair of brown derby.

And also what is your suggestion for top that match with blue jeans Thanks. I always wanted to wear them together with my brown quarter brogue leather shoes. I teach at K level so running behind kids is all in a days work.

I like the Brogue and the Derbie shoes, with the open lacing option, my only worry is how comfortable they would be and where best to buy them from in India? I did find some option online, but for shoes I must try them out before buying. If you can get hold of any of these brands or a brand similar you should be just fine! What brand is that? With black footwear and black jeans, I would have opted for a navy, black, or charcoal coloured blazer with black buttons.

With red loafers, I would have chosen a winter colour for my clothes. I would say that depends. If the dress code is rather casual I say go for them. I was going to wear black jeans with a brown slip on leather shoe… but thankfully your advice helped me out. I really appreciate it! Sir my height was 5. If the shoes are in a rich blue colour, they could definitely be paired with brown pants. I have a dark grey wool blazer and a dark blue jeans. Will brown coloured chukka boots go well with them this outfit?

From where I stand, it seems that navy or grey chukka boots would be a better option. I say that because they will probably match your grey blazer better than a pair of brown boots. Can I wear these with jeans and if I can, what colour of jeans? The dark brown colour of those shoes would look great with dark washed jeans in a deep rich blue colour. I have always loved the look of converse ever since I was in high school, and I am hooked.

Watch the length of the jeans and see to it that they are not too long and drag. Find jeans that have a more tapered fit at the bottom. Boot cut jeans will not work with dress shoes.

It may surprise you but colored denim — provided it is the right fit and length — can work with black or dark brown dress shoes. The main thing to make sure of is that there is enough contrast between the shoes and the jeans so they do not appear to match exactly. A better style to go with is the Blucher, Loafer or the Derby dress shoe style.

The shape, construction and vamp placement of these shoes lend a more casual vibe than compared to Oxfords. Other options for shoes include monk straps, dessert boots, chukkas and slip-ons will work beautifully when paired with jeans. Men's Slim Fit Jeans Stretch. Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans.

Men's Regular Taper Jean. Men's Bootcut Jean. Previous Page 1 2 Different styles of men's jeans Whether for their durability or their casual style, the right cut plays a key role in your comfort. Straight cut For a business casual look, choose a more traditional straight cut. Skinny fit Floppy hats have brims that are over four inches wide to offer maximum protection from the sun. Categories Amazon Fashion Top Brands. Last 30 days Last 90 days.

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Both are business-appropriate men’s shoes to wear with jeans. Chelsea boots are higher than Chukkas and Desert boots – which we’ll get to in a bit. Instead of laces, Chelsea boots have elastic side panels and tabs or loops on the top of the boot shaft. Brown shoes with jeans, especially black ones, need to be well balanced. For example, if you are wearing brown or tan Chelsea boots, make sure that you wear a jacket of the same or similar colour. On the other hand, you have black shoes with jeans. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. Amazon Try Prime. All.